“Come And See”

What a time of year it has been in Western New York.  The weather is aboslutely beautiful, and the small village of Palmyra is beginning to buzz with excitement.  All the hotels seem to be full.  The roads are crowded with buses, and the local restaraunts are certainly not wanting for more business.  Who are all of these people?  Where did they come from and what are they looking for? 

Since 1937, each July, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints produces one the world’s great outdoor theatrical production, The Hill Cumorah Pageant.  The story of the Book of Mormon is brought to life in a music filled, spirit filled production.  I have met thousands who say that they have come to see what is here.   This past week I was able to wintess the production for the first time.   The whole theatrical experience is incredible!  However, the climax of the show never ceases to most impress me.  When Christ was crucified about two thousand years ago, there was great destruction that occured in the Americas.  Darkness covered the land for 3 whole days before the darkeness dispelled.  There was then a voice heard from the heavens and the resurrected Christ appeared to the people.  He spoke to them saying,

14 Arise and come forth unto me, that ye may thrust your hands into my side, and also that ye may feel the prints of the nails in my hands and in my feet, that ye may know that I am the God of Israel, and the God of the whole earth, and have been slain for the sins of the world. (3 Nephi 11:13).

So many times Christ invited all those he met to “come and see.”  I invite you to come and see this glorious production that testifies of Jesus Christ.  All are welcome!  Members of the LDS church come to feel the spirit and have their faith increased.  Many others come and leave having a greater understanding of why we read the Book of Mormon and what it teaches.  I love my Savior and I know that if you have a desire to know, then put forth the effort to come and see, the Spirit will touch your heart with truth.

Visit http://www.hillcumorah.org/Pageant/ to learn more about or just see pictures of this grand production!!


About sisteranderson2011

Hi. My name is Brittany Anderson. I am a small town girl from central Utah who love sports and sleeping under the stars. I am currently serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Rochester New York Mission.
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